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 Our Passion 

We absolutely LOVE animals. From small pups to big pups, your dog (s) will be in great care with our very own Pomski, Eli and the newest addition to our family, Hops! Hops is a Mini Aussie and joined our family in March during the 2020 pandemic!  From volunteering at animal shelters, to watching pups for friends and family, dogs have always been our passion.

Whether you're looking for doggie daycare, dog boarding or a doggie walk or run, your pup will be so happy in our care. Daily exercise, play time, nap, and cuddles and treats are all included when your pup is in our care. In Morris County, we're surrounded by adventurous trails, dog parks, etc. Daytime activities are endless! We hope to meet you and your furry friends soon!

Your Friends,
Jamie & Clay

Eli & Hops 

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole


Let's Get Social!

About Jamie:

Jamie was born and raised here in New Jersey and has been a dog mom, pet owner and lover since she was a toddler. Growing up, pets have always been in her life whether it was dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, turtles, guinea pigs, fish, frogs and yes, even a chinchilla!

After working for a top hotel chain in the hospitality industry and global sales world for the past seven years, she decided to take her passion of caring for dogs into a business of her own. Friendly and attentive with both humans and pups, Jamie believes putting your dog first to make sure he/she is comfortable and at ease. Her outgoing, bubbly personality and attention to detail will be the best fit for your pup!

About Clay:

Clay was born and raised here in New Jersey and has been part of Morris County's community as long as he can remember. After over a decade of coaching Major League Soccer, Clay has transitioned his love, focus and patience to training and caring for your fur babies. His patience and strategic planning background will make the most of your pups stay-cation!

About Eli:

Eli is our first "Fur Baby!" He is 6 years old and was born on Cinco De Mayo! Eli is a Pomsky- Yes! A Pomeranian Husky mix! Eli loves his zoomies, cuddling on the couch, and following us around whether it's around the house, in the bathroom or outside. Eli is the most loving social butterfly and loves meeting new friends!

About Hops:

Hops joined our family during the 2020 Pandemic! Hops is our Minnie Aussie who was born on New Years Eve, 2019! Hops is our energizer bunny, and yes, he really does Hop so his name suits him perfectly. Whether your pup is small or large, Hops will play with him/her all day long!

Jamie, Clay, Eli and Hops would love to meet you and your fur baby! Schedule your complimentary meet & greet today.

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