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Dog Walker

Dog Walking

Step into pawsome adventures! Our dog walking service makes a tails wag and hearts leap with every stride. Let your furry friend explore the world, one paw at a time.

Dog Walk

Dog Walking

Private local dog walk/visit so your pooch gets all the love and attention they deserve and we can go at their preferred pace. We will send you an update with photo report and little anecdote of our excursion.

Small Group Walks

Walk side by side with your furry duo or small group. Our sibling and neighbor walking service ensures your pets enjoy quality time together, exploring their favorite spots. 

Private small group walk
Dog Group Walk

Pack Walking

Join the pack for ultimate fun! Beyond the joy of companionship, longer walking durations. Our pack walks give increased mental stimulation, better socialization, and that extra physical activity your pet may need. Enjoy a fulfilling, energetic, and socially enriched experience that promotes overall safety and well-being.

Wedding Attendent

Let your furry friend be a part of your special day! Our dog wedding attendant service ensures your beloved pet is perfectly groomed at our own grooming salon, impeccably dressed and captured in adorable moments, making your wedding even more memorable and heartwarming!


Experience the OPA Walking Difference

Get an hour of your day back!


Our personalized report cards come with charming pictures, showcasing your pup's journey during their walk 

One Paw Away


OPA Promise. We're committed to your pets happiness and well-being with undivided love & attention


Private or Group walks. We'll suit your loved one with the best fitted experience.


Pet First Aid & CPR Certified. 


Support where it counts. Personalized for your lifestyle and customized for your pet. Let us know your needs and we will take care of the rest.

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