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Dog Daycare

A Home Away from Home for your beloved four legged family members. At our dog  haven, you can trust that your furry family members are experiencing the same level of care, comfort, and luxury they would receive from home plus the amenities from a high-end resort.

One Paw Away dog daycare is a fun home environment with an array of activities to simulate your pups daily routine. We provide access to large outdoor fresh air and beautiful nature. Includes adventure each and every day. 


What We


Group Play

 Our goal is to provide a fun-filled experience where every dog is guaranteed to have a great time! Our controlled group play ensures that your dog gets plenty of socialization while staying safe and secure.


Complete Cusomization

We believe every dog deserves to be pampered and have their unique needs met. We aim to provide a caring, comfortable and fun environment for dogs to socialize, exercise and relax in, while being supervised at all times. Whether your furry friend is energetic or chilled, we have the right program to keep them entertained, safe and happy all day long. Our staff is committed to giving your pet the ultimate daycare experience, so you can relax knowing they’re in good hands.



Here's how it works. Our comfortable and specially equipped shuttle picks up your furry friends at our Morristown location and transports them to our Randolph daycare. We've carefully planned the route and schedule to ensure a smooth and secure journey for your dogs. During the ride, they are under the watchful eye of our trained staff to ensure their safety and comfort. 

This service is perfect for busy pet parents who want to give their dogs a day of play, exercise, and socialization without the hassle of transportation. It's just one more way we make life easier for both pets and their owners. Your dogs will arrive at our daycare ready for a day of tail-wagging fun, and you can rest easy knowing they're in good hands. 



Our dog daycare provides a fun and active environment for socializing and play time with other dogs. We believe socializing early and consistently is a key ingredient for a well balanced pup and only does socializing help with their behavior, it also ensures they receive the interaction they need for their proper growth and development. 



Learning is a lifelong journey, even for dogs! We believe learning should never stop! "Sit" "Stay" and other verbal commands are common practice and part of the daily routine. Weather you have a puppy who needs basic training or an adult dog who needs to maintain their obedience skills, our trained staff is here to help. 


Report Cards 

At One Paw Away, we believe in keeping you well-informed about your furry family member's experience during their stay at our daycare. That's why we provide personalized doggie report cards for each dog, summarizing how their day went. 

Your dog's report card is like a window into their day. It includes information on their mood, activities, and interactions with playmates. 

As the proud owners of One Paw Away, we're thrilled to share our experience with our own dog's daycare, grooming and boarding services. It's truly heartwarming to see how our team's dedication to providing a home environment and top-notch grooming has made a difference for our furry family members. We know firsthand the passion and commitment that goes into every aspect of our business, and we couldn't be happier with the care our own dogs receive. One Paw Away is not just a business for us; it's a place where our own pets and yours receive the love and attention they deserve. 

Jamie & Clay 

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